Fall Skincare-Should I change up my routine?

Lots of people are asking….Should I change my skincare routine for fall?

Don’t discard those products yet…it all depends on your skin and skin goals!

New seasons inspire us to do new things!

From summer to fall we love to switch up iced coffee for hot, tanks and cute sundresses for sweaters and jeans or your most comfy pair of sweats.

We go from having a day at the beach to snuggling up under your softest blanket with a good book.

With the change of season we desire a crisp and renewed feeling….and fresh, rosy, glowing skin!

Skincare advertisements will tell you to toss those summer routines and purchase a new routine for fall, but in reality it depends on what you’re currently using and your skin’s current needs.

In New England we see lots of changes throughout the next few months in weather, which may have affects on your skin.

You may need to add a weekly hydration

mask to your routine in place of the clay mask that you loved during the summer. Or maybe you’ll want to add a hyaluronic acid serum to your morning routine to help bump up the efficacy of your moisturizer, but before you go tossing your stuff in the trash, have a consult with your esthetician.

Typically your professional skincare products will last 4-6 months depending on how frequently you’re using them. These products, when recommended by a skin care professional, are geared for your skin type and the skin conditions that you’re experiencing when you have your consultation and/or service.

Your skin type never changes. Ever. So much of your basic routine…cleanser, toner, and moisturizer will be geared for your skin type and can be used all year round.

Skin conditions and your personal skin concerns can change. This is where your specialty treatments come in to play…serums, treatment masks, exfoliants, etc. Skin conditions can change depending on what your skin is exposed to – the weather being one major factor – and how you’re treating your body.

What kind of environments is your skin exposed to? Are you outdoors hiking in the wind and sun? Are you inside with the heat on?

How are you treating your body these days? Are you drinking enough water and getting in all your fruits and veggies? Your omega 3’s? How’s your sleep? Are you moving your body? Stress level?

There are so many circumstances that affect the skin-and depending on how your lifestyle changes as the seasons change, you may need to switch some things up, or maybe not!

There’s an overwhelming number of options out there, and we’re constantly being thrown advertisements for the newest “must have” product. Sometimes we open our cabinet and find numerous bottles of unused products that were bought on a whim….Your favorite influencer uses it, your friend told you it was life changing, the packaging lured you in, it smelled pretty… the reasons are endless. Don’t even get me started on the ease of online ordering…..

My best advise is to schedule a consultation with an esthetician.

If you have one you see regularly, they know you and they know your skin.

Reach out to them and if you feel your skin needs a boost they’ll know exactly how to adjust your regime.

If you don’t have an esthetician, or don’t see one regularly, I recommend booking a consultation or better yet, a facial!

Many estheticians offer complimentary consultations. You’ll schedule 15-30 minutes and talk about your concerns. They will analyze your skin and ask you about your lifestyle. If you’re short on time, they can offer a virtual consult and ship the products to your door!

Often times we will incorporate what you already have and see what target ingredients may be missing from your home care that are essential to your skin goals.

For a consultation, I advise my clients to bring in all their skincare items that they currently use as well as the products they have at home that are going unused. We go over the items together, I educate on why (or why not) I’m recommending the particular products based on ingredients how those ingredients will help their concerns.

We talk about time. How much time can you/will you dedicate to your routine? Five minutes? Ten?

We talk about budget. How much money do you allot for your beauty budget? Do you have one?

We tie it all together and create the perfect morning and night routine for you using your current products that work and adding or replacing some for something more appropriate. We then go over it step by step to make sure everything is used correctly and effectively.

Sometimes we just want something new, and you deserve it! Again it could be a simple serum or maybe you’re just tired of your routine and want all new products!

Whatever your desire, your best bet is to talk to a licensed esthetician. Estheticians stand behind their products and recommendations. They have the education and tools to help you achieve your skin goals. They won’t let you down!


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